Our Vision

A new home for animal welfare. A legacy for South Australia.

RSPCA South Australia has always led the way in animal welfare. We have prevented cruelty, rescued and rehomed for almost 150 years.

Thanks to community support, in the last year alone, we came to the aid of almost 10,000 animals. 

But there is room and need to do more to improve animal welfare in South Australia. We cannot do this without a new campus. 

Our vision to deliver the state's first, integrated animal care campus and a new home for animal welfare has been driven by a number of needs:

1. A hugely outdated shelter and animal operations headquarters. 

The current shelter at Lonsdale was constructed in the 1970's and is the oldest shelter in the country. In the last 12-months we have experienced flooding, heatwaves, electricIty outages. In winter we appeal for blankets, and in summer we bring in ice by the trailer-load. Despite the commitment to providing the best standard of care by the humans of RSPCA, remaining at the current facility if not just unsustainable, but impossible. 

We will build modern, best-practice dog suites, cat condos, small pet pods and enclosures for native wildlife. 

2. South Australia lacks a dedicated clinic and hospital for native wildlife. We are not well trained and ill-prepared for the next natural disaster. 

In the 2019-2020 bushfires that swept across the nation, an estimated three billion animals across  lost their lives. Here in South Australia, rescuers and veterinarians struggled to accommodate the stream of native animals and birds coming in from the fire zones. 

RSPCA South Australia deployed a team to assist in the efforts on Kangaroo Island and regions. We saw first hand the struggle to treat wildlife on such a scale, without a proper hospital. With a shortage of veterinary specialist trained in wildlife care. 

We will deliver South Australia's first, dedicated wildlife clinic and hospital. We will work with our partners and peers to train future animal care specialists in the treatment of wildlife. 

3. Prevention is a the heart of better animal welfare. Community and education are at the heart of prevention. 

As the only organisation empowered to enforce the Animal Welfare Act, our Inspectors respond to cruelty reports right across the state. Last year alone, they attended 4489 cruelty complaints. While in many situations the only option is to bring the animals into our care, we often see that a little community care and outreach - and education - can help keep people and animals happily together. 

At present, more than 400 schools across the state are registered for our AWARE education program, committed to reaching the children of SA and engaging them in better understanding and treatment of animals. 

We will build an education centre and hub to further expand our community outreach and education offer. 

We need your help to build the future for animals in South Australia

You can help us complete our new home.