One-off legacy opportunity for animal lovers

06 Nov 2023

Once in a lifetime chance to “own” part of RSPCA SA’s new home on the hill

RSPCA South Australia’s major new animal care facility at O’Halloran Hill is on track to open in April next year, and today the organisation has released information about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that is likely to hold particular appeal for animal lovers.

Key areas within the landmark development are now open to sponsorship, enabling people to put their family name, business name or the name of a loved one to the facility. Describing today’s sponsorship release as “a one-off event”, RSPCA SA CEO Marcus Gehrig said the build (which began in April) is now at a point where people can see and select structures they would like to sponsor.

“It’s hard to think of a more impactful way to celebrate a love of animals than to put your name, or the name of someone special to you, to this game-changing facility,” Mr Gehrig said.

“It’s going to turn around the lives of so many animals, giving them veterinary care alongside loving care from our skilled, dedicated staff and volunteers.

“For some of these animals, it will their first experience of kindness, and every day we witness the difference quality, kind care can bring to an animal’s life.”

Mr Gehrig said he expects the sponsorship opportunity to be taken up not only by individuals and families, but also by workplaces as part of their social responsibility programs, giving back to their communities.

“When we support animals in need, we are supporting people too, because of that precious human-animal bond that contributes so much to our physical and emotional wellbeing,” Mr Gehrig said.

“We won’t see another facility for rescued animals of this scale being built in our lifetimes.

“Every one of us who contributes to this much-needed and overdue development is giving rescued animals - some that have come from the most appalling situations - the second chances at life that they all deserve.

“To have your name, your business name or the name of someone special in your life – perhaps someone renowned for their love of animals - forever associated with this campus and its life-saving work for rescued animals, will be a lasting tribute and an inspiration to others.”

Structures available for sponsorship include dog suites, cat condos, rabbit and guinea pig enclosures, outdoor playgrounds for dogs and nurseries for animals with offspring, all designed to promote best-practice care. There are also sponsorship opportunities within what will be South Australia’s first dedicated wildlife hospital, providing specialised veterinary treatment to injured and ill native animals and birds.

Among the first people to take up the opportunity are Jerry and Robyn Adams. Both long-time animal welfare advocates, the couple is keen to support and be associated with the new campus.

“We’ve been so impressed with the good work of RSPCA SA, and know what an important role it has played in the lives of so many animals, that we jumped at this special chance to contribute to the establishment of a new facility,” Mr Adams said.

“Supporting the very necessary replacement of the existing facility means we can be part of a lasting legacy in support of animal welfare.

“For all animal lovers, this really is ‘the gift that keeps on giving’.”

RSPCA SA will continue to operate out of the Stepney and Lonsdale sites up until the organisation’s relocation in April 2024.

For information about the new RSPCA animal care campus and sponsorship opportunities, visit: